Friday, 27 January 2012

Choosing Software Testing as your Career

Question 1: I want to start my career in Software Testing, do I need to know any programming knowledge i.e. C, C++, Java, .net etc …?
Ans: As far as manual testing is concerned you don’t need any programming knowledge to know.
Testing is like you are comparing the expected behavior of an object with his actual behavior.
We test everything EXCEPT GOD … J
Question 2: Who is eligible for this course and career in software testing?
Ans: Any Graduate i.e. BE/B.Tech/MCA/BCA who has average communication skill and good analytical skills
Question 3: What is ISTQB Certification and it advantages?
Ans:  ISTQB Stands for International Software Testing Qualifications Board which is renowned certification in software testing field like SCJP in Java.  Find the details @

  1. Truly international nature of the certification: This certificate is recognized in multiple countries in multiple continents. Hardly any other certification has adoption in as many countries as this one
  2. As a fresher you will be distinguished among the crowd and will help to find the job easily
  3. You will be paid good compared to others in company
Question 4: What is career growth in Software Testing?
Ans: Gone are the days when users had to accept whatever product was dished to them; no matter what the quality. With the abundance of competing software and increasingly demanding users, the need for software testers to ensure high quality will continue to grow. So opportunities are more and you would have already observed that your friends who have joined the IT companies’ max of them had got the profile as Software tester.

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